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July 09, 2007


Charles Cameron (hipbone)

Note the "end times" reference:

:: For the al-Qaeda leadership sitting in the tribal areas, the situation
:: is fast evolving into the promised battle of Khorasan. This includes
:: parts of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan from where the Prophet
:: Mohammed promised the "end of time" battle would start.

This is effectively a reference to the expectation of the Mahdi, see for instance:

:: In the same chapter of the afore-said book, its author narrates from
:: Na’eem-ibn-Hemaad (from his book ‘Fatan’) that Muhammad-ibn-Hanafiya
:: said: The people of the flag will emerge from Khorasan. Afterwards people
:: of another flag with white will rise. A man from Bani-Tamim called, as
:: Tamim-ibn-Saleh will face them... it will be then that people would
:: seek and desire for Mahdi. <<<

Sayyed Sadruddin Sadr, Al-Mahdi(A.S.) p 151

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