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April 28, 2008


Rob Paterson

It's happening faster than I thought - I meet tomorrow with PEI govt to see what we can do here.

66% earn less as a family than $35k - most live in the country and we have a 6 month heating season

dan tdaxp

Singapore rationalizes maximizes the productivity of the most economically generative classes, and for doing so regularly imports large numbers of uneducated south asians, south-east asians, and east asians to free up time that can be spent more productively.

To argue this is "strange" is to argue that Singapore's government-led push into bioscience is "strange." The city-state is small enough for the government to direct capital and labor into productive avenues while maintaining a generally free economy.

John Robb

Dan, sorry, that doesn't make any sense.

dan tdaxp


Thanks for the reply. The second word should be "rationally." (My typo.)

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