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July 12, 2008



" I need to finish the RC book so people at least have a template for what that means in more concrete terms"

It's interesting how when concepts become emergent in the noosphere/marketplace of ideas, a battle to determine the authoritative definition begins. A pattern that happens over and over again in history

John Robb

That's one way to look at it.

Of course, you could also look at it as a desire to add clarity to a fledgling concept. Re: Simmons. I'd like to give him some ammo so he doesn't come off like a nutter to the Talking Heads.


When do you think you will have a finished first draft ?


I came across this video and the speaker had an interesting point. She's talking about "alternate reality" games, one of which "world without oil 2007" was essentially a widescale roleplaying of what a post-oil environment was like.


Some of the slides (from a different presentation): http://www.slideshare.net/avantgame/alternate-realities-jane-mcgonigal-keynote-sxsw-2008

Most people in the US have a lot of time, but little knowledge of what a RC would need. And one idea might be to leverage ideas like "WWO 2007" into what sort of skills one would need. One of her slides near the end forecasts "by 2018, extreme scale collaboration is the most important human ability."

Play can be used to learn and reinforce practical skills. And some can't. As an example, the drumset on Rock Band - get good at it, and you could sit down with a real drum and be "not bad." And for a counterexample, the guitar on Guitar Hero is worthless for teaching one how to play a guitar (no skill learned with that "controller" maps to any useful skill on a real guitar). I am holding out for Guitar Rising which will use a real guitar for the "game controller".

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