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September 27, 2008


James Bowery

Although I have been trying to get people to use local agriculture futures as the basis for local currency, the county governments can also issue currency redeemable in payment for property taxes while shifting the compensation of their employoees, including sheriffs' departments, to compensation in the local currency. The same can be done at the city level for police resources. At the same time, exempt from property tax the median price of a home plus the median price of a self-employment property (office/subsistence acreage).

That would quickly expose the absentee land owners as the parasites they are while removing from them their local enforcement powers.

James Bowery

I should probably include this article from the day after the closed session of Congress (March 14) where Congress was informed that there would be a September collapse of the US economy and probable civil war:


TM Lutas

Subsidiary governments to the states are restricted the same way states are restricted from issuing currency. Check your US Constitution.

You really ought to read the comments to that last thread. Tin foil stuff that's been hanging around for years does not gain you credibility.

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