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September 30, 2008



Sounds like even more of a reason to move to more open-source platforms and systems within the defense structure. It is cheaper and generally requires less people for greater or equal ROI...

Eminence Grise

I too wonder if it would be an opportunity to get out from under the defense contractor establishment and create a smarter, cheaper force? Less reliance on expensive gadgets and more on well-trained/educated people?

Yeah I know, but I can't help it -- I woke up optimistic this morning.

Steve Holden

According to the GAO (D03493t.pdf) it does look like with the aging DOD civilian workforce eligible to retire (50% in 2005), one could, if you believed this FUD, just stop hiring and reach a significant cost savings. Steve


The recent passage of defense appropriations for FY2009 contradicts your argument, at least for this year:

"The package provides $487.7 billion in total defense funding, $4 billion less than the administration's request but 6.2 percent above the FY2008 funding level. The package does not appropriate any funding for ongoing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. A FY2009 "bridge” supplemental war funding package of $68.5 billion was already appropriated by Congress in May-June 2008."

That's $556.2 billion that didn't get much, if any, public discussion. Maybe next year. Right?

John Robb

o fear in the above projection (unless you are dependent on the system for your living). The budget crisis is coming, and its impact on the DoD, it's just a question of timing. I believe it will be earlier than later.

Another method to save money in order to keep cuts to levels less than catastrophic would be to gut the generous gov't and DoD retirement system (retroactively). For example, freeze the COLA and inflate yourself out of it. Other methods include taking it off the books (privatizing it in an underfunded program with generous projections of future growth) or reducing it via a radically discounted lump sum payout (that perversely is paid out in stages).

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