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February 10, 2009



Is bartering being done in physical or virtual marketplaces or both? Is bartering being done at smaller scales (e.g. one on one)? If so, what is facilitating coordination?

John Robb

Both. Everyone is trying to find ways to get goods/services by trading what they have and can do. Lots of one to one now, by people that wouldn't have even considered it a couple of months ago. Smart entrepreneurs are jumping into the gap to create hubs of barter to generate economic activity for their businesses.

James Bowery

The natural "hubs" are county governments issuing property tax scrip to make up for lost tax revenue. This must be accompanied by a shift of property tax burden off of homesteads (owner occupied residences and small businesses) and onto the properties more centrally held. People just can't take much more of this subsidization of concentrated wealth before physical violence starts.


This must be related to trust (trust in government, trust in institutions, banks.) Does anybody measure a trust index on a regular basis?

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