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February 20, 2009


Dave Winer

Even if demand picks up in some areas, it takes credit to fill the pipe with goods to buy and there is no credit. It's hard to start the economy back up once it stops.

John Robb



I think it would be hard to keep cars like the old days becuase no one can really afford the equipment to fix them on their own.

Someone should design a car that has little or no computers and is made as simple as possible. The car would come with a manual and bag of tools. The company would sell the spare parts and it would be simple enough for the average person to make most repairs.

There would be only one or two models and all the parts would be standardized. People could help their friends and trade parts with each other.

Dan Lyke

Seems to me that the best reference for "replacement level" is to look back at that same old depression: I see people with those 3,500 square foot homes taking in lodgers to try to pay the mortgage. I see much more car-pooling.

There goes the impact of the population increases...

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