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February 10, 2009


Dan Lyke

Can you elaborate on the symptoms you're seeing a bit? I don't have a panicked feeling out here in California, but that could very well be that my slice of the world is more small tech consulting and niche luxury products.

John Robb

Generalized fear that the entire financial and economic structure is collapsing. In addition, a fear that the downturn will completely wipe them out financially.


Yes well our new Treasury Secretary unveiled an open-ended lemon socialism bailout. Didn't inspire confidence from any street Wall or Main.

At least these guys are failing so massively so soon (in software, "crash early, exit (-1);"), other leaders can emerge. Maybe an entertainer, a pilot, a dog or race horse of some kind.

What of it Mr. GG, how have systems busted out of their OODA loops? If we want to be thin, let's not study fat people.


The current economic system meltdown is inside society's OODA loop. We don't know what it's doing, or where it's going, and it is acting faster than we - generally and individually - can react to its actions.

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