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February 06, 2009


Michael Tanji

Better question: Who is building the mechanism that lets ppl with ideas just as good communicate/aggregate them w/o the $995 charge?

James Bowery

I figured I should at least serve notice to Bill Gates et al in the following response at the TED site:

James Bowery – February 6 2009

I've got a suggestion for how Bill Gates can change the world that he is uniquely suited to execute:

Team up with Warren Buffet to tell governments to tax wealth rather than economic activity.

More specifically, charge a use fee for net in-place liquidation value of household assets in excess of the median price of a home plus the median capitalization of a job, and stop taxing income, capital gains, sales, value added or any other economic activity.

And while on the subject of economic rent seeking, they should talk to Charles Murray about replacing government transfer programs with a citizens dividend -- although they aren't as well positioned to remove public sector rent seeking from the economy as they are private sector rent seeking.

PS: On malaria, talk to Paul Ewald about evolutionary medicine. Isolating the sickest from mosquitoes will get malaria to evolve lower virulence.


How come they don't invite John Robb to these events?

Eminence Grise

Never underestimate the power of rich people's egos.

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