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February 17, 2009



In an odd sort of way it is right. Folks like Warren Buffet and Oracle are going to get richer because they are selectively buying valuable assets at unusually low prices. You still need good judgment in evaluating assets, but there are some bargains out there.

One possible example is a condo that sold for $52K, rents for $900/mo, in San Diego area. I expect rents to fall, but that might be a good deal. You need to know the location well, but deals are showing up.

french swede the rootless vegetable

A certain 'let them eat cake then' feeling... "...buy new Cadillacs".

Clinging to the illusion that if we reflate enough, everything will be alright. Now is precisely the opportunity of making structural changes to get rid of Cadillacs:


What's interesting is that he (unconsciously?) recommends increasing the gift economy.

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