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July 21, 2009


Anton Vereshchagin

Interesting...the last moonshot was in late '72 roughly correlating to the start of the decline of the middle class in America. I have sometimes wondered if Apollo 11 was the apogee of the United States.

James Bowery

I've long thought there to be a causal link from "The Space Race" to "The 60s" and the abrupt termination of the euphoria that followed the termination of "The Space Race".

Its pretty obvious when you think about it:

Cornucopia vs Malthusia


Haven't agreed with you much lately, but about this, you are spot on. Something about a refusal to dream of greater things, and of participating in something greater and longer lasting than our own lives.


"That which ceases to grow, rots"

Russian proverb


It seems as if we traded trying to raise mankind to new heights (literally and figuratively) with trying to lift up (and push down) mankind to the same height (figuratively)?


Hi Robb, as I think I have mentioned I grew up with the Space Race and Cuban Missile Crisis in Orlando,Fl. so based upon my experience you are dead on it. The Saturn V was and is so powerful it broke windows in Orlando on that July day and we cheered about it! I watched every launch from Mercury to the Moon shot either from my house or a friends or at school. And then just have generally watched the US on a slow downward slide. As the bible says "where their is no vision the people Parrish".

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Here's an infographic that speaks to this - http://kobold.loud.nl/td/uploads/files/af3f03c6c2804af320b3729d8c70fa49.Countrysizes_080602.jpg.jpg

"By reorganizing the countries of the world according to their physical size, an interesting phenomenon emerges that shows prosperity at the edges and meagerness in the middle of the scale. "

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