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September 21, 2009



I'm working in Thomson Reuters on a month-by-month renewable contract. Every 30 days I have to sweat to find out if I'm coming to work the next week. And it IS seriously reviewed. This from a company that holds a virtual monopoly on deal trading making about $1200 per terminal per trader.

Morally I've always thought it to be "wrong" to mouth allegiance to a critical program that's mid-way while actively hunting for a new position. I feel like sh1t talking about being a "team player" while desperately fixing to dump the department into the cr@pper which is what will happen if I leave but I've learned the hard way now.

My landlord isn't a team player, neither is my supermarket manager. Naked capitalism has triumphed and the manager will be shocked (SHOCKED!) when I "abandon" them. The crazy thing is; I'm such a rube if they bothered to even give me a 6 month contract I wouldn't have felt the need to split on their sorry organisation.


Sorry... that's $12,000 per terminal(/month)... not $1200!!

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