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September 21, 2009



I'm not quite sure what globalization means but as long as failure isn't allowed and the currency is constantly manipulated to the benefit of the Bankstas nothing will work. This includes a non globalized economy.


The problem is the narrowing down of markets to mono-industries reduces employment to the best ten players in the room with a million unwanted on the sidelines. Like NBA wanna-be's or Hollywierd's struggling actor market. Like blogs. There may be 10,000 out there but I only have 4 hours in the day to dedicate. So me and everyone will just gravitate to the top 10. And then there will ONLY BE 10 after a while. So mono-production, like everyone buying an i-Pod, will result in one factory with reasonably paid workers to churn out the killer-prod and a million unemployed unable to buy the damn thing. And that's the flaw with meritocracy. You end up with a very small pool of big earners. That's what fragmented cottage industries prevent. The Balkanization of a giant economy into many small pieces allows for many market leaders and their entrained following of people employed in support. It's less efficient than a mega-provider, but at least everyone has a job.

Larry Dunbar

"So me and everyone will just gravitate to the top 10."

True, but who do the 10 follow?

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