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October 18, 2009


Bob Morris

He's neither insane or delusional. He deliberately twists the facts so as to blame the rest of us for our anger, even piously saying he's afraid it'll hurt us. How touching.

As the class war and populism continue to build, there will be many more such deliberate distortions from the apologists for the banksters.

Y'know what's completely bizarre? The far left, the Marxists who have dreamed of a crisis of capitalism for decades, have been almost completely absent. No organizing, no protests. Apparently they're all snoozing.

Instead, it's been libertarian blogs like Zero Hedge and Naked Capitalism that have broken major stories, like High Frequency Trading, that have gone mainstream and forced Congress to act.

Also, quite a few more mainstream financial blogs, like The Big Picture, Mish, Calculated Risk have been doing great stuff too. In both cases, we're talking about financial insiders who are getting seriously pissed about what's happening.

While the far left sleeps during the organizing opportunity of a lifetime.

I have no explanation.

John Robb

Correct, the left wing has been captured by the idea of Obama, rather than reality. The right wing is gone. Not sure what is left.

All that's left are people outside the spectrum thinking for themselves. This implies no mass movement, just fragmentation.

Bob Morris

I see populist on the rise. And that crosses traditional political boundaries. Have been reading about the 1890's populists. They railed against banksters too. For a while, they had major political power.

Kunstler's most recent column posits the very real possibility of serious violence against Goldman and hopes Obama acts against the banks before it happens.


The Populists were de-railed on two questions: Race, which split Southern agrarians into 3 groups ( White Democrats, White Farmer's Alliancemen and radical Agricultural Wheelers) and "Free Silver", which siphoned away support for the SubTreasury Plan ( liberal credit based on agricultural commodity futures)to the Democrats.

The left-center has gone for authoritarian technocratic oligarchy in a velvet glove. They're not coming back to actual, pre-1974 liberalism. The conservative movement is having a nervous breakdown with their Id running away from the intellectual conservative supergo

Larry Dunbar

"The left-center has gone for authoritarian technocratic oligarchy in a velvet glove."

Many on the consevative-center are humping that dog, at least on the leg. Not sure they are even using gloves.

Larry Dunbar

Of course, I define the conservative-center as those that maintain an explicit brand, while implicitly, not so much. They wrap themselves in the flag, but still have to make the sell, buy, or compromise. You know those like the US Chamber of Commerce.

Very conservative on the right, and very practical. Practical enough that they could tip the leverage either way, but are centered. And, in the USA, very, very powerful. The pressure containing this powerful force is building-up, at least the potential is becoming huge.

Just watch-out for deflation.

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