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November 09, 2009


TM Lutas

I believe that one of the big problems we have is that we generate the usual mix of smart and stupid every year in Congress and in the regulatory agencies but we have a broken system to get rid of the stupid. The stupid accumulates over time and chokes our society.

We used to have a similar problem with military bases. We solved that problem by creating a bipartisan commission to create a list of bases to be closed and another list to be realigned closer to our defense needs. It was called BRAC. The BRAC process worked. Enough members would vote for the overall bill (no amendments allowed on BRAC, just an up or down vote) because the good of closing all those other bases even outweighed the bad of closing the local base a congressman wanted to save but couldn't through the BRAC appeal process.

Funny thing about BRAC is that contrary to prior perception, most closed bases served the local economy better after their closure by providing available land for taxable enterprises and residences.

A similar process to get rid of programs and regulations not aligned with a good government would be just as helpful. I see it as the only hope of good governance while we have a political class this craven.

Emery Nelson

Interesting that you don't think anyone wants to govern. No matter what the motives on both sides we've got more governing going on then we can possibly handle from this particular group, who happen to be Democrats. One can also see that the Republicans licking their lips over the notion that the "governing" bar has been raised beyond all reason. We're fast approaching a time when governing is all there will be.

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