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Good stuff since I live close to Salinas and would prefer to live at La Selva Beach if given a choice. Nice to see that someone else is paying attention to what's going on in Salinas and Watsonville.

Many thanks to Chet for keeping the flame going for so long. It's burning bright and strong because of his efforts. It hasn't been easy for you in time and resources to do what you've done. Many thanks to JR for picking up the torch (forgive me my fire references). This site is a natural for Lind and 4thGW in general. Things couldn't be in better hands.

RAISER William

Good to be able to receive your continued analysis. Thanks to you for continuing and to John for hosting the site.

aka jhon

The downside,gangs will get their own 'vets' who will counter the cop vets..
..and the race war will commence,where no quarter will be granted on either side..The 'black flag' will fly...
oh well...

soldiers rarely attack one another but they love to go pick on unarmed civilians.


'pouring our strength out into the sand.'

Is that an intentional Genesis 38:9 reference, or is my mind just in the gutter?

I hate to be the first to sound ungrateful, so I preface this with a big thank you to John Robb for taking the trouble to do this. But ... On War #204 doesn't seem to be on the d-n-i site, nor on the pdfs of this site. Is it intentionally restricted for intellectual property reasons, or is it an accidental omission?

I find it interesting that naval officers are being trained to do local law enforcement. Probably they just had some extra personnel, but maybe the navy is particularly good at law enforcement. (They have to keep order on submarines and in other high-stress environments.)

Finally a question about Hy Rothstein - is that Hyram or Hyman? Somehow I'm guessing it's Hyman. What is the relevant part of his background? He was Army Special Forces, and he was an officer - I imagine he was a commando at some point. Did he have any interesting training and experience - Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, perhaps? Diplomatic attache? Public Relations and Recruiting? Or did they say, "Hey, this guy is great at rappelling down mountainsides, let's have him do urban law enforcement!" Is it bad etiquette to inquire too closely about the director's background?


Sorry to see DNI go away, but glad there is a new home for everything 'Lind'. I will come back frequently, and definitely put it up on Google Reader. Thanks Rob. -Matt


My aunt for many years was a public defender in Salinas and I can tell you with certainty that the gang problem there is, as they say, completely "off the hook."



Dear Sir

I take the liberty to comment, perhaps it is of your interest, about the recent publication of a paper entitled "Fourth-generation warfare: Jihadist networks and percolation", in Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Volume 50, Issues 5-6, September 2009, Pages 896-909, which I authored. (

In the article, I tried to give afirst approximation to 4GW, from the point of view of mathematics and physics sciences.
By the way, I would like to tell you, that since 2005 I edit a blog in Spanish language, dealing with 4GW, which is entitled:
"Complex networks and Fourth Generation Warfare"

Yours sincerely


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