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Dear Sir,
You, and Ron Paul, are the only wise men left in America.

If you're leaving your job, please consider running for office.

John Homer

It was with a mixture of grief and anxiety that I read your last (for now) column. I will get the book and read it. I will also get "The culture of Defeat" to prepare for what is to come.

Thank you Mr. Lind

Chris Durkin

Mr. Lind:

I have gained many useful insights from your writings and I shall especially miss your annual long distance telephone conversations with Wilhelm II. May your retirement be enjoyable but temporary.



Mr. Lind, thank you so much for your fine writings and thoughts over the years. I especially treasure your book with the late Paul Weyrich, "The Next Conservatism." I have been recommending it to friends since it came out. I have archived most of your work from DNI for future reference. I hope you will consider publishing some of your penetrating analysis and insights in book form in the future; you deserve a wider audience.


Mr. Lind,

Outstanding last post and I wish you well. Thanks for everything. -Matt


Your voice and thoughts will be greatly missed.

The war in Afghanistan has been lost and it is as if the US Army "cannot or will not see it".

No BCT/RCT seems to be able to fight light and the only true "light fighter" division was eliminated in 1993 as part of the "peace dividend"-what a mistake if one looks back at that decision.

Soldiers/officers cannot even discuss 4GW, Sun Tzu, irregular warfare, "open source warfare"--heck 90% of them cannot even give a definition of the terms or names-and the current administration seems to believe the military that they can stabilize Afghanistan.

You will be sorely missed as a voice of sanity in a valley of insanity.

David C.

Mr. Lind,
Are your observations not confirmation of La Boetie's "Discourse on Voluntary Servitude?" The Army is not apart from society, and as the cohesion drains from the nation-state, all parts including the Army lose focus as well.

The nation-state served as a fine illusion that order grew from control, instead of from liberty. Your observations about the military "not getting it" is a microcosm of society at large. Where liberty to think and be adaptable is found, order can exist. Where only regimentation and central control exist, chaos invades.

When large numbers of people are optimistic and getting more so, they can believe the fiction that the large, anonymous political system is there to serve them. That phase has run its course, so the move to allegiance to smaller entities that have a better chance of actually delivering the goods (instead of exploitation) makes perfect sense. It's a brave new world, full of chaos as the old one fades.


Absolutely gutted to read this, this column and The Next Conservatism have been a mainstay for me for some time now. Interesting and thought provoking amid the drivel of the mainstream. I hope Mr. Lind quickly finds a new home so his important work may continue.
Ive always found it funny that punks and football hooligans "get it" when they read this column while those who have chosen the TO BE path dont or wont grasp it.
Good Luck and thanks.

Kate Carruthers

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and knowledge. Wishing you all the best for the next phase in your life.


I know you'll be back, Uncle Billy, God bless ya.


The best expose of how the war industry works is Col. Hackworth's About Face. As a battalion CO in Nam he figured a doctrine of taking on VC and defeating them. The brass refused to implement it. The story caused me to remember the sacking of MacArthur by Truman. And somebody said that no American force will be allowed to defeat Communists.

Why? Because the same people controlled the USSR and the US. Just as now, the same people control the Taliban and Al Qaeda. These are controlled, phoney opposition, people.

The banks set all this up a hundred years ago. They still run the show.

The goal is to run high tech, high dollar wars. That's where the money is.

Afghanistan is a guerrilla war. But the Pentagon will not be allowed to fight it as such. Col. Hackworth was eventually run out of the Army for taking on the establishment.

Afghanistan will not be won, because the bankers--the jews at the top--have ordered that it shall not be won.

The goal is to keep the defense contracts fat, and kill as many white troops as possible.

Ed Stockelbach

Thank-you for the perspective and the chats with Willy.


The hacking by Shiite insurgents of US drones should be a wakeup call to 4GW.

A recent al Sahab battle video depicting Taliban insurgents (in a mountain village) using a gasoline powered Indian electrical generator tied to a laptop tied to a satcom phone in order to get to the Internet should be a wakeup call for advanced 4GW, but it is not.

Marines walking into an inverted V ambush were totally suprised, but they should not have been if in fact they were taught true light fighter techniques.

You will be greatly missed as the moment of truth for both the US Army and Marines is at hand if they stay with 2/3GW and get their heads handed to them or follow Sun Tzu and get to truly know your emeny better than yourself---can it be done---really do not have much hope that they will learn.

Ed Beakley

For many, the issue seems to have been "either-or" in regard to 4GW. To me it has always been a crucial lens through which to view our environment, one that reveals critical information not visible through the "conventional war/warfare" lens.

I haven't always understood or agreed, BUT I've always read and always learned.

God speed sir, hope to read your work once again soon.
Ed Beakley @ Project White Horse 084640

Fred Zimmerman

It's absurd to claim that European militaries know anything. They don't fight.

Mr. Walker

@ Zimmerman - perhaps their knowledge gives them the wisdom not to fight.

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