November 07, 2009



I look at the RC a little differently.

1) Base products: (before anyone else, if the global system is disrupted, the RC will provide these products to the community): Food, water, energy, security

2) Secondary products: Healthcare (RCs may send promising young people to medical school to at least have family doctor capacities). Education (RCs will start home-schooling or start community schools.

I think about transportation and information as organic to each product of the RC. It will require transportation for every aspect of the RC from food transport to the school bus.

RCs will also develop products for "export," especially teaching other communities about resilience. Communities will find comparative advantages in the main products of the RCs, and the best ideas will spread rapidly.

Communities will have their own systems, products, and operating procedures, but also their own myths and narratives that hold them together. Some communities will be more ideological, while other form just for econo-security reasons.


I was also thinking about shelter. Why wouldn't this be on the same list with food or energy? Perhaps shelter should be though of as being covered under security?

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